New Accu-Tab 60-Pound Pails Reduce Plastic Consumption by 9 Percent

Posted by Accu-Tab News Team
April 7, 2021

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Westlake Water Solutions is committed to doing its part to promote sustainability. That’s why we have increased our pails of Accu-Tab® calcium hypochlorite tablets by five pounds resulting in a 9 percent plastic waste reduction!

Check out some advantages of our 60-pound pail:

  • • Store more Accu-Tab tablets at your facility in the same amount of space without any change in pallet shape, size or packaging
  • • Less frequent re-ordering
  • • Take another step toward sustainability at your facility


And the best part is, the new 60-pound pails are still packed with the same reliable Accu-Tab tablets that, in combination with our Accu-Tab system, have been delivering a simplified, safe and effective chlorination process to the aquatics, food processing, drinking and wastewater or industrial water industries for over 25 years.

Would you like to learn more about the benefits of the Accu-Tab system? Contact an Accu-Tab specialist today.


Topics: Sustainability


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