A Roadmap for a Safe and Cost-Effective CSO Treatment System

Posted by Accu-Tab News Team
Jun 24, 2021 11:43:15 AM

Accu-Tab CSO 585x324

When the Mon Valley Sewage Authority pledged nearly $50 million to update or eliminate its CSOs and improve water quality, people took notice.

That’s because the southwestern Pennsylvania region’s decision to proactively address CSOs even before mandated controls from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency proved to be ahead of its time.

The Accu-Tab® Chlorination and CleanSlate® Dechlorination Systems were specified as part of that forward-thinking for their safety, simplicity and cost benefits over alternatives such as UV treatment, sodium hypochlorite and chlorine gas.

Learn more about how Accu-Tab and CleanSlate provided a practical CSO solution for the Mon Valley and its community of 5,500 households.

Download CSO Case Study Here


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